Tattoos by Ion

tattoos and art portfolio by Ion Rosgrim

My name is Ion Rosgrim and I’m a professional tattooer at Solitude Tattoo studio in Höganäs, Helsingborg, Sweden.
I specialize in good looking tattoos and I always try to do the best tattoo I can.
Bellow is a small selection of the tattoos I did and I want to thank all the people that chose to be tattooed by me.
Without people that trust me, my work, my art is worthless. Tattooing is the path I chose long time ago. At first unconciously but when you start dreaming tattooing, talk tattooing and think tattooing during any moment of the day or night, it's just obvious: you became a tattooer. Even though I have many other passions and hobbies, tattooing is my life and it shaped me into the man I am for better or worse.

For a larger selection of my work, including drawings, paintings, sketches and other tattoo related pictures, follow me on instagram under the name: ionrosgrim

For extra information, questions, appointments, you can send me an email at
You can also find me on Instagram: ionrosgrim

The studio I work at is located on Bruksgatan, 36, 263 39, Höganäs, Sweden